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five. To jump from an plane using a parachute. How high does the aircraft go before we bail out? I bailed out at the last next, just prior to the airplane crashed.

one. (Legislation) a sum of cash by which an individual is sure to get responsibility for the appearance in court of Yet another person or himself or herself, forfeited if the individual fails to seem

2. By extension, to have anyone outside of issues or aid them with an issue. A person's identify or simply a pronoun can be employed amongst "bail" and "out.

two. (American) to parachute from the airplane within an emergency. uitspring يَقْفِزُ بالمِظَلَّه скачам с парашут saltar vyskočit s padákem mit dem Fallschirm abspringen springe ud i faldskærm πέφτω από αεροπλάνο με αλεξίπτωτο σε περίπτωση κινδύνου lanzarse en paracaídas lennukist langevarjuga välja hüppama پریدن با چتر نجات در مواقع ضروری pelastautua laskuvarjolla lentokoneesta sauter לִצְנוֹח מִמָטוֹס שֶׁנִפגַע आपात में विमान से पैराशूट से उतरना iskočiti padobranom ejtőernyővel kiugrik terjun dengan parasut dalam keadaan darurat lanciarsi col paracadute* パラシュートで脱出する 낙하산으로 탈출하다 iššokti parašiutu izlēkt ar izpletni terjun keluar satisfied parachute uit een vliegtuig springen hoppe ut i fallskjerm wyskoczyć z samolotu na spadochronie پراشوت saltar выбрасывать с парашютом núdzovo vyskočiť s padákom skočiti s padalom iskočiti iz padobrana u slučaju nužde hoppa med (rädda sig i) fallskärm กระโดดร่มหนี paraşütle atlamak 緊急跳傘 викидатися з парашутом ہنگامی حالت میں طیارے سے بذریعہ پیراشوٹ باہر آنا۔ nhảy dù khỏi máy bay hỏng) 跳伞

a sum of money which happens to be presented to the court docket of legislation to acquire an untried prisoner from jail till enough time of his trial, and which acts as protection for his return. bail of $500. borgtog كَفالَه гаранция fiança (soudní) kauce die Kaution kaution εγγύησηfianza kautsjon وثیقه takuumaksu caution לְשַׁחרֵר בְּעַרבוּת जमानत, प्रतिभूति jamčevina óvadék uang jaminan trygging cauzione 保釈金 보석금 užstatas galvojums; drošības nauda ikat jamin borgkausjon; løslatelse mot kausjonkaucja ضامن، ضمانت، په ضمانت خلاصول، په ضمانت خو شې كول، دسلو اغې لاستي چه كوږ يا د كړۍ په شان وې fiança cauţiune залог kaucia jamščina kaucija borgen ค่าประกันตัว kefalet, kefalet ücreti 保釋金 порука ضمانت tiền bảo lãnh 保释金

Central banks deliver financial loans to assist the system cope with liquidity problems, the place banks are not able or unwilling to offer loans to enterprises or men and women.

A special federal government entity is made to administer This system, such as the Resolution Believe in Company.

Sweden fashioned a different company to supervise establishments that needed recapitalization, and An additional that bought off the property, primarily real estate property, that the banking companies held as collateral.

References in classic literature ? And when you can expect to give me your revolver, I'll contain the Reindeer bailed out in a very jiffy.

to grant sb bail [+ prisoner] → accorder à qn la mise en liberté provisoire, accorder à qn la mise en liberté sous warning

This bail-in Device was first introduced to worldwide notice in Cyprus, as talked about beneath, but were talked about theoretically since no less than 2010.

one. To pay for someone's launch from jail. Anyone's name or possibly a pronoun may be used concerning "bail" and "out." I must go bail out my brother—the law enforcement picked him up once more, and he's down for the precinct. Bailing my son out from jail was the minimal position in the year.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) printed in October 2011 a guideline document entitled "Essential Characteristics of Productive Resolution Regimes for Economical Establishments" which deals with the current bailout regime.[10] The scope of this planned bail-in regime for here collaborating nations is not simply restricted to substantial domestic financial institutions. In combination with these "systemically sizeable or critical" monetary institutions, the scope also applies to two further more classes of institutions, a) International SIFIs, Put simply, cross-border banking institutions which take place for being integrated domestically in a country which is employing the bail-in regime, and b) "Economic Industry Infrastructures (FMIs)", including clearing homes.

→ كَفَالَة kauce kaution Freilassung gegen Kaution εγγύηση fianza takausmaksu warning jamčevina cauzione 保釈金 보석 borgsom kausjon kaucja fiança залог borgen การประกันตัว kefalet tiền bảo lãnh 保释

Irish banks suffered sizeable share rate falls as a consequence of an absence of liquidity in finance accessible to them to the Global fiscal marketplaces.

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